Veterans Day, A Time of Reflection! By: Guest-Blogger Rick Smith

Veterans are people who should be honored. It takes a very special person to be called to duty to serve their country and, not everyone is cut out for the task. I’m honored to come from a family of veterans which includes my father and uncles and, although they’ve passed on, I’m still very proud of them. Today’s guest-blogger, Rick, is a veteran and a Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley Miracle Clubhouse member.  He has served his nation and has graciously agreed to share a word as today’s guest-blogger to commemorate Veterans Day. Lend him your attention as he reflects on this day and what it means to him. Thanks, for your service Rick.


As a member of the Military Veterans of Miracle Clubhouse, Veteran’s Day is a time of reflection. For me, on this day, I focus on the sacrifice men and women have given to this country to keep it safe and free. I think about the fact that freedom comes with a price, and often that price is shedding of blood or loss of life, to keep our country free. Veteran’s Day is a time to honor the sacrifice of our men and women and their families that have given the ultimate gift to our country and fellow citizens. Veteran’s Day is also a day to reflect on recovery. Many of our service men and women are currently working on physical and emotional wounds caused by the actions of keeping us free.

As I reflect on Veteran’s Day, I am grateful that organizations like Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley gives back to the community and especially veterans who are members of Miracle Clubhouse. During my three years with this organization, I have attended Miracle Clubhouse, which is a service offered through Goodwill Easterseals.  Being a Clubhouse Member, I have made progress dealing with my PTSD and Depression due to my military service. I have been able to connect with other service men and women who attend Clubhouse and who are working on their own mental health recovery. I am thankful that we Veterans are not forgotten by Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley.

God bless America and every person who gave through sacrifice to keep our country free.

-Ricky L. Smith

U.S. Army Veteran

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