Meet Vivian and Talvi

Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley (GESMV) started working with Vivian and Talvi Hunter in February of 2018. Referred by Montgomery County Job and Family Services, the married couple participated in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).   Once their assignment was completed for the month of February, they still would visit GESMV because they understood how beneficial GESMV could be for improving their quality of life. However, Vivian and Talvi were facing other hardships. They were new to the Dayton area and had been living in shelters. Vivian was staying at the Women’s Shelter on Apple Street and Talvi at the Men’s Shelter on Gettysburg. Vivian and Talvi also suffered medical problems and even had moments when their food stamp benefits didn’t work.

In late March, both Vivian and Talvi obtained employment. Vivian started working at Frisch’s in Miamisburg and Talvi started at Labor Works. During this time Goodwill worked with the couple to find housing so they would have a place of their own. Eventually GESMV found them an apartment on North Main. However, another roadblock got in the way. They were having challenges with coming up with their deposit and first month’s rent. GESMV was able to get them assistance from Community Action Partnership (CAP) to help with the deposit. Shortly after moving in both had to quit their jobs at Frisch’s and Labor Works to find something within walking distance from their new apartment. With hard work and dedication they both were able to obtain employment at Kentucky Fried Chicken on North Main Street.

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