What a Wonderful Dream

As we prepare to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday let’s be reminded of the dream he had to make life better for all.

As a person with a disability, life presents its challenges, but it can be even more difficult when you fall victim to prejudice. People can be rude, but mostly because they are scared of differences. There are just some things you can’t change about yourself; and why would you want to, for your traits make you special and unique. There’s only one of you on this earth and you make the world complete. Take it from me, as I told many in my Tedxdayton talk a few years ago, once you come to accept and become ok with yourself, you’ll learn to love yourself much more.


I’m sure I wouldn’t be as positive as I am today and my life would’ve been even harder had it not been for Dr. King. Dr. King is best known for fighting for civil rights for Africans-Americans but as I found while doing research his compassion  was to make sure all people receive civil rights, including people with disabilities.  Dr. King wanted to make sure there was place in the world where all were accepted.

It took a strong man like Dr. King to be able to speak up for justice.  He did this during a time in history when racism was a huge problem in America. I’ve viewed many videos and read many articles of how people were treated because of their differences.  It was truly a sad time in the world. I know where Dr. King drew his strength for only one’s faith pushes him or her to work so hard. I still wonder, would you or I be willing to speak out on pivotal issues to the nation if we knew it could cause major consequences, perhaps even death?

Now, that I think about it, I’m an advocate and when something arises where I think my rights are being violated, I jump right into action.  I am proud to know that I have a little King spirit in me; but Dr. King was a very special man.  He pushed his agenda to include all mankind and paid the ultimate sacrifice.  Who can honestly say, their agenda includes all?

As we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, keep in mind what you can do to help his dream live on.   We’ve come a long way and still have miles to go. Great things start with a dream. Thanks Dr. King, your dream is one for all and shall never parish.


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