What Are You Thankful For

Every year brings about change and there’s always something to be thankful for; as for me, I am thankful for my puppy, Tiny.  Well, Tiny is not so small, she currently weighs 75 pounds and is still growing.  She has brought great joy into our lives. My best guy (Darryl) and I love her bunches! I’m also thankful for my family, friends and great co-workers.

I invited my co-workers to express what they’re thankful for and here are some of their responses;

Debbie– I am thankful for life, my Hubby the love of my life, my job and all my friends.  I am thankful for all things.

Cindy- I lost my mom 2 years ago in November. Now Thanksgiving is more than just a day, but a day to always be thankful for my family and everything they do for me.

Jessica- Getting full legal custody of my half-brother, saving him from a life of poverty, substance abuse, and domestic violence; being able to raise him with love and an opportunity for a good and happy life.

Donald- I’m thankful for an amazing God, a wonderful wife, my family and friends and my dog – Foxy.  

Amanda- I am thankful for so much but the thing I am most thankful for is my family. I have 3 of the best kids. They are healthy, happy, smart and kind. I really am blessed. Not everyday is sunshine and rainbows but the older I get I realized those days matter just as much as the good days! I have a mom who would do anything for me and a sister that I can always count on. Always. My husband is pretty special too ????

Teri- I am thankful for being blessed with the opportunity to work for an organization that cares about its employees and the community at large; I think it’s awesome that Goodwill provides so much outreach and support to help those who are in need. I am thankful to be in a position that allows me to help others.

Michelle- What I am thankful for the most is one of my coworkers here at GESMV, Debbie Gunnels. Debbie is a compassionate, beautiful, and a great soul. Working in a school environment without being able to easily ask your co-workers questions, is very challenging.  When I started as a school based therapist, Debbie called and checked in on me daily, answered my questions, and set my mind at ease. She even called and checked in on me when she was out sick just to make sure I was doing alright and if I had any questions. I don’t know about you Shari, but I can say having coworkers who care, truly care not just about me professionally, but personally is a precious gift, and something that I am truly thankful for. I know this was way more than a few sentences but I wanted to provide the story as to why I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with such a kind, caring, compassionate, thoughtful, amazing, cheerleader like Debbie Gunnels.

Debra- I’m thankful to know God and he knows me and my children

Toni- My brother, former Marine, has dealt with many difficulties since being discharged. I’m thankful to God, family and the community for helping him get the services he need to get back on the right path.

There are many things to be grateful for. As you prepare for this holiday, don’t forget to give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!


6 comments on “What Are You Thankful For

  1. Kim on

    I am thankful, Shari, that I have you in my life! What a blessing it has been knowing you and having you as a friend.
    Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

  2. Tracy on

    I am Thankful for a God who is gracious and loving. I am thankful for my family and that at 54 I still have both parents, a wonderful husband of 37 years, 3 wonderful adult Sons, 2 daughter in laws, one Daughter in law pending, 8 wonderful grandchildren and the 9th on the way. I am thankful that my ministry and my work is combined and for the opportunity to serve others and show God’s love to others.

  3. Jerome Haney on

    I am thankful to have a year ago successful completed the Ohio Peer Support Specialist training under Cindy Heitman, and now I am a Peer Support Specialist w/GWESMV’s Downtown Dayton Initiative. Very thankful.


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