What Does Your Father Mean To You-Happy Father’s Day

My father, Sam Cooper, was an amazing man. I do not remember a whole lot about him because he passed when I was seven. Although I might not have many memories of him, my mom and siblings do.  They share stories with me often. The things I know about my father is, he was a God fearing man, served in the army, was a hard working General Motors worker, loved his family, loved Cadillac cars, was a great dresser and a good provider for his family. One trait he passed down to me, besides being a splitting image of him, is the thought of my freezer getting low on food. I like it to be stocked at all times.  My dad, Sam, he couldn’t bear the thought of the freezer being low on food.  He constantly made sure it was stocked to the very top.

As Father’s Day approaches I wanted to share a little about my father and invited some of my co-workers to share about theirs too;

Natasha-My father married my mother regardless of her already having three children and not able to have any more. He CHOSE us!  He has always been there for me more than anyone else. And for that I am forever grateful.

Anne-My dad has been a great role model because he has always emphasized that we should be generous with our time to help others in need, whether it is through organized volunteer work or just helping friends in need. Maybe in some way he is one of the reasons why I chose to work for a non-profit like GESMV!

Debra-My father was a lot of things. He was tough but he was also my hero.  He wasn’t supposed to walk after his last purple heart but he went on to work for 30 years in a factory. He taught me strength.

Karen-Dad passed away 4 years ago, on March 4, 2015. I love the date he left us, his final message to his kids and grandkids was to “March Forth” with our lives. Something I do every day. He also inspired a love of reading and even as adults, it was important that we “Learn something every day”.

Ken-I think often of my father. I was fortunate to be raised on a farm and was able to work side by side with him from a young lad through college. Despite losing 2 of my siblings plus some years where weather affected crops causing less money to be coming in, he always had a smile, a dry sense of humor and a deep Faith. I always looked up to him. He has been gone now for 25 years and I still look UP to him now.

Fathers are amazing people. The world would be filled with much emptiness if not for fathers. They were built to be strong but are very nurturing at the same time. So, celebrate your father this Father’s Day by letting him know he’s truly loved and appreciated.

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