What’s Your Plan?

The recent Tornado events that hit Dayton and surrounding areas have me a bit rattled. I’m happy to report my family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and I are all ok, which I’m highly grateful for.

This national disaster really has me thinking, what was my plan? You may think you know what to do but do you really? Seeing that we do not have a basement in our home, my favorite guy came up with a plan, if the tornado began to approach our house, me, him and Tiny, our eighty-five and a half pound Rottweiler, were all going to get in the bathtub. Sounds good except, Tiny freaks out every time she has to get in the bathtub.  But somehow, we would make it work!

Luckily, we didn’t have to take cover because the tornado didn’t come our way.

After all was said and done, I began thinking, we need a disaster plan. By me having a disability, I’m not able to just jump into the bathtub.  What if I was alone with Tiny and the tornado did hit my neighborhood?  Of course, I know the Super Coopers would do everything within their power to get to me, but what if they weren’t able to make it to me right away? The devastation of the tornado when it first hits make traveling very dangerous.  It is hard to navigate because debris is everywhere in certain areas. It then quickly crossed my mind, what about my friends with disabilities who live alone, were they all right? You would hope your neighbors would have enough compassion to come check on you but you can’t just rely on them.

My personal attendant did show the next morning; although she had no power.  Job or no job, one has to think of her or himself and their family first. Within twenty-four hours, my Medicaid caseworker texted to see if I was all right. In addition to checking my messages, I heard from the personal care agency checking to see if I needed anything.  I was very grateful but within that time span, I could’ve been seriously injured if not dead.

I’m not one to complain. I love my life but a disaster has fallen on my city. It truly looks like a war zone in certain areas. It has opened my eyes to another issue among people with disabilities and people in general.  They need to have a plan

Dayton is strong and we shall overcome this. Wish you could all see the generosity of neighbors helping neighbors and the kindness of strangers. It’s a beautiful thing. Hope nothing of this magnitude ever happens again but if it does, you can best believe, I’ll be ready. Will you?

4 comments on “What’s Your Plan?

  1. Melody Mitchell on

    I think tragedy has us all thinking about how to better prepare. Thank God we all have another opportunity to do just that!

  2. Jerome Haney on

    I was worried as I heard the sirens go off. I had been asleep, but had awaken. Many thoughts ran through my mind. A sibling called whom I would have never thought would call. When I shared that they laugh, and said, “I know, but I just had to check on everybody. As I dressed for an event of a tornado, I then went outside and walked to the corner, as I often do at night, and looked for the moon. It was a beautiful crescent moon, beautiful. Joy begin to fill my heart, I returned home, took off the clothes, and dressed for bed. Just before I got in the bed I recited a scripture from the Prophet Isaiah, “He maketh thee to lie down in perfect peace, those whose minds are stayed on Him.” I then got into the bed, and when I awaken I said, “Its time to put on the coffee.” As I turned on the TV, I learned of the devastation of an area where I had previously lived. Only the Higher Power knew that the tornado would come that way someday, and I would not longer be living there. Well all in my circle of support(family, friends and love ones) are all safe. I am trusting that this will be an awakening for all of us.


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