What’s Your Theme Song?

If you had to choose a song that represents you, what would it be and why?

I have three songs that represent me and every time I hear them, I say, “Yes, that’s me all the way”.

First song that I love is Mustang Sally although I must admit, I call it Mustang Shari! According to the song lyrics, all Sally wants to do is ride around. For me, these lyrics certainly reign true; because whether I’m in my van, scooter or bike, I absolutely love riding around.  And, if you’ve ever rode Regional Transit Authority Paratransit’s Project Mobility, riding around is an understatement.  Sometimes they take on scenic routes which make it seem as if I’ve been riding forever.

The next song that I think defines me is, Brick House.  Let me explain why;  on the weekend when I first get my hair done, I’m dressed to the nine and my make-up is flawless, I feel good about myself. If you don’t feel good about yourself, who will? Give yourself a compliment every once in a while. It’s good for your self-esteem.

The final song that’s supports who I am is, I’m Every Woman. Either version from Chaka Khan or Whitney Houston will do. I feel like I’ve come to be the woman I was created to be.  One who wears many hats. I’m an advocate, Christian, friend, presenter, blogger, daughter, sister, aunt, significant other, and a doggie’s (Tiny) mom. I love being every woman because it shows strength and character.

Since you know what my theme songs are, I would love to know yours.

The way you choose a theme song is to imagine yourself stepping into a room and the spotlight hits you; all eyes are on you. What song would be playing in the background? This lets people know you’ve arrived and as my favorite neighbor Mrs. Hines once told me, “you aren’t taking any wooden nickels”.

Just like when you hear the song, Gonna Fly Now you immediately think of the movie Rocky. Your theme song should make you think about yourself. The theme you choose is your anthem.

I know there are many songs to choose from, but stop for a moment, think about it, and then choose one. Be sure to share your choice or choices in the comment section. I know the blog world is anxious to know what song you have chosen.  Let the party begin!

11 comments on “What’s Your Theme Song?

  1. Karen McIntire on

    Stand by REM especially the line “if you are confused look to the sun ( or more spiritually SON) carry a compass to help you along your feet are gonna be on the ground, your head is there to move you around ” definitely my philosophy!!!!!

  2. Debbie McBride on

    I will follow him by Little Peggy March. From a long time ago. It came to me when I was following Mac. He was driving a Ryder moving truck and I was behind him. It made me laugh at first for the timing. But it made me think. It could be the theme song for military wives who go with their husbands from base to base. Mac and my choices differ but that is mine.

  3. Debbie McBride on

    I will follow him by Little Peggy March from the early ’60’s. I was following Mac while he was driving a Ryder truck when we were getting ready to move to Ohio. It struck me as funny at the time but I thought about it and now claim it as the theme song for all the military wives who travel base to base with their husbands. I guess that suits me after following him for 17 years in Air Force.

  4. Kim B. on

    Great blog post, Shari. So many songs, so many choices…
    I, too, love “I’m Every Woman”…either version.
    For some reason, Luther’s “Bad Boy” is an all time favorite. Maybe it’s my theme song because it’s all about sneaking out of the house to go to a party. LOL!


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