Why Red Is My Favorite Color

Colors mean a lot to people for different reasons.

For instance, when seeing a color, they may make you think of memories that you were fond of while others may not.

For me, red is my favorite color.

I love red so much that I bought all red appliances and accessories for the kitchen when my favorite guy purchased our home. When shopping, my eyes go to all the red apparel. I must make myself choose different colors. Otherwise, I’d have a closet full of nothing but red clothes.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I named my scooter, which I use for mobility purposes, Cherry. And, just like the fruit, my scooter Cherry is red as well.

Although I’ve tried other shades of lipstick, I keep coming back to red. I think the color on me is vibrant.

Being that I love red so much, I decided to look up what red represents.

Red is a color that we all share for it represents the blood which runs through our veins. Red represents life. I love this representation because sometimes, it is difficult to see what we all have in common.

Another thing I found interesting when researching my favorite color is that studies have found men are more attracted to women wearing red. Also, men are willing to spend more money on their mate that’s wearing red. (Note to self, buy even more red!)

Of course, there’s no surprise red represents love. As a matter of fact, when thinking of Valentine’s Day, red automatically comes to mind.

Did you know red is the first color of the rainbow? It’s the leading color. This symbolization is great because someone or something must take a leadership role to Make Things Happen.

Red also represents power. When feeling down or even sick, I go to my closet and pull something red to put on. I do the same when presenting to an audience, especially if I’m not familiar with the group/organization. For some reason, the color just makes me feel as if I’m going to be ok.

In doing research, I found that red represents my personality.

Thanks, red, for giving me power and helping me develop my leadership skills. Also, thanks for making me feel loved, attractive and powerful!

Many colors mean different things to people for different reasons. For me, red does it. Since you know what my favorite color is, I’d love to know what’s yours is. Drop me a comment.

4 comments on “Why Red Is My Favorite Color

  1. Gussie on

    Great article as always Shari.
    For me blue is my favorite color – but if you looked in my closet you’d think it was black or white!

    • Shari Cooper on

      Hello Gussie!
      We must go shopping to get you more blue apparel for it’s such a strong color. Black and white are great too! You can’t go wrong with them two for they’re dominant colors.
      Thanks for sharing.

  2. Monae Dawson on

    Shari you look fabulous in red! I don’t think I’ve ever not seen that color on or around you in some shape form or fashion. I agree that red is both powerful and bold, a true color of leadership. My favorite color is turquoise. Turquoise, teal and spa green (somewhat similar in color) provide the illusion of blue meets green. Turquoise is electrifying, peaceful and powerful within its own right, speaking volumes from every angle of the room, no matter its position. Turquoise is inviting, friendly and fun yet, has no problem spending a quiet evening alone to reflect on how it may be of service, bring joy to others and regroup. This is what turquoise represents to me and in my opinion, color wise comes the closest to my personality.

    • Shari Cooper on

      Thanks Monae!
      I’m feeling your Turquoise color! It’s such a beautiful and calming color! Yes, that color most definitely fit your beautiful face and personality. Thanks for sharing my friend.


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