Woman of Change

Women are really making great waves in the world these days. It may have taken a minute for women to be recognized for their full potential and capabilities but we have made great strides. I even truly believe that before I leave this earth, there will be a woman president of the United States.

Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois is a woman that’s making her mark on society and making others take notice by being a woman of many firsts.

     Duckworth is the first woman with a disability and of Thai decent elected to the United States Senate.  The senator, who is a double amputee, was wounded in the Iraq war when a rocket-propelled grenade struck her Black Hawk helicopter.  Although, Duckworth was probably down for a while being forced to deal with her new normal of having a disability, I applaud her for finding the strength to get back up and find purpose in trying to make life better for those in situations similar to hers. Seems as if there should’ve been a woman with a disability in senate before now, but better late than never.

By Duckworth having a disability, she brings a personal perspective to the senate on living everyday life with challenges. Challenges, that are probably an unknown to the majority of her fellow lawmakers. Hopefully she can use her advocacy to influence them to listen and take action in-order to make positive changes for people with disabilities.

     Not only is Senator Duckworth making history by being the first women elected to senate with a disability, she will also be the first woman to give birth while in office. Duckworth is expecting a baby girl in April. This is great news for the senator for she revealed having problems conceiving in the past. However, due to the success of fertility treatment, she is about to have her second baby.

Now, we have a woman in senate that understands many struggles from being a wounded war veteran, having a disability, being a mother and being of a different culture. Senator Duckworth is going help many for she has been there, done that, in many different aspect.

I’m so happy Tammy Duckworth is a dominate woman of many firsts. I think she will give new meaning to the song title, “I’m Every Woman”.

See more of Senator Duckworth’s story here: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/transcript-sen-tammy-duckworth-on-face-the-nation-jan-28-2018/



8 comments on “Woman of Change

  1. Melissa on

    If Tammy Duckworth and Amy McGrath (look her up!) ran on a presidential ticket, I’d vote for them in a heartbeat and run their local campaign myself. Thanks, Shari!

  2. Margie Wehner on

    When I first read about Senator Duckworth standing up to Trump and calling him out on avoiding military service, I thought I’d love to see her run for president. I think she was born in Thailand, though, so she probably isn’t eligible. We’re all lucky to have her point of view contributing to the Senate, though.
    Thanks for sharing her story, Shari!

    • Shari Cooper on

      Thanks for the comment Margie! Senator Duckworth was born in Thailand. Yes, I also believe she would’ve made a great president if eligible. Nonetheless, I’m happy she is at the table.


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