Wrapping 2022

2022 is almost out of here and I must say, it was a good year. As always, the year brought its trials and tribulations, but I made it through.

Looking back over the year, the first three months flew by as it usually does. Many of the new year resolutions that I made were out the door in the first few weeks. As far as my personal life goes; I did manage to change my diet a little and save more for rainy days, for which I’m very proud of.

One big thing that happened in 2022, I found a dentist that I liked and was able to get dental work done. As I explained at the beginning of the year, finding dentists that are knowledgeable and empathetic to the disability community is a major issue, so the fact that I did, was a great accomplishment.

The year presented me with many opportunities to serve and share on the topic of disability awareness. This included sharing my expertise to the Dayton Art Institute to make their facilities more accessible, being a community contributor to the Dayton Daily News about how TSA loss my scooter, when I traveled to Seattle and the urgent need for adult changing spaces. It was also an honor to serve for the ninth time as emcee for the Awareness & Advocacy Day Event.

This year, my travels took me to the island of Put-In-Bay. I had a blast although I had to deal with an accessibility issue and those annoying may flies.

As always, this blog continues to be a bright light in my life. Through my posts I was able to celebrate the Juneteenth Holiday and look back on when I truly first paid attention to my cerebral palsy. I also thoroughly enjoyed comparing my life to the game of football and basketball.

Once again, the guest bloggers who served brought a wealth of knowledge through written stories about diversity, equity and inclusion( https://gesmv.org/stories-of-diversity-equity-and-inclusion-by-katelyn-malon/, a dog’s life (https://gesmv.org/its-a-dogs-life-by-guest-blogger-nahseam-regatta/, living with bipolar (https://gesmv.org/living-with-and-without-bipolar-disorder-by-miles-h/, and peace of parenting (https://gesmv.org/peace-of-parenting-by-guest-blogger-tracy-l-craig/), just to name a few. If you haven’t read these, go back, and check them out!

By far, 2022 was a good year. As I prepare for 2023, I look forward to more opportunities that will enhance my life to provide more knowledge, love and even laughter to all of you.

As always, thanks for assisting me in making things happen in 2022. Stay tuned for 2023, more exciting adventures will be spotlighted from yours truly, Shari. Until then, Happy New Year.


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  1. Gussie Jones on

    Although I don’t respond each time, I do read your blogs. They inspire me and remind me of all the times we have shared.
    I hope 2023 will be an even better year for you.
    Happy New Year.


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