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Meet Robert

Robert Bryant was homeless and afraid on the streets. In fact, Robert would trade his own shoes for someone’s street weapon so that they could not hurt him or anyone else. Robert was stuck in a continuous cycle of drug addiction and mental illness. One day, while Robert was at Eastway Behavioral Healthcare searching for... Read more »
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Empowering Independence Award Winner – Mollina Wilson

Mollina Wilson has had a difficult life. She grew up in Colorado with a father who was unable to take care of her. He suffered from alcoholism, was a heroin addict and schizophrenic. Due to this, Mollina went through a number of abuses. After her father passed away a week before her seventh birthday; Mollina... Read more »
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Advocacy Day

Advocacy means, the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal according to the Merriam –Webster dictionary. Disability Advocacy has been my purpose for a long time. I’m always advocating and joining forces with others who share in the mission of people with disabilities having a good quality of life. On March 8th,... Read more »
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