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Blogger-in-chief, award-winning public speaker, and disability awareness advocate Shari Cooper provides insight, humor, and reflection on a range of issues.

Spring In

Are you ready for longer days, blooming flowers and nice weather? Spring time is upon us and it’s time for changes and fun! Spring time is the time when many things become born again. Think about it. Crops begin to sprout from the earth due to warmth of the season, hints of potatoes, beans and... Read more »
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Pay It Forward

I’ve heard the saying, “Pay It Forward” many times but until it happens to you, you never know the emotional joy that goes along with the actual act itself. Texas Roadhouse is one of my favorite restaurants. For those who have already been there, you’ll understand my obsession with the buttery yeast rolls that melt... Read more »
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Advocacy Day

Advocacy means, the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal according to the Merriam –Webster dictionary. Disability Advocacy has been my purpose for a long time. I’m always advocating and joining forces with others who share in the mission of people with disabilities having a good quality of life. On March 8th,... Read more »
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Celebrating Black History Month- Wilma, Wilma, Wilma

As an African-American, I’m always happy to see Black History Month roll around. Celebrating the accomplishments of my ancestors is a great honor. As an African-American woman who has a disability, I’m ten times more ecstatic to learn about women from my culture who have disabilities and have accomplished great things despite their challenges. I... Read more »
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Married life-The story of 40 years going strong

Their story began in 1975. Debbie and Mack went to the same high school but only had one class together. A short time after they began talking, Mack told Debbie “We will get married someday”. Mack and Debbie dated for one year (and one week) and were married in her father’s living room on December... Read more »
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My Voice

I have a speech impairment resulting from my disability. To be honest, I haven’t always liked my voice because it sounds so much different from everyone else’s. When I first began going through these doubts I was young, and also going through the ugly duckling stage. Nothing is quite right during that stage, even if... Read more »
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Transport is daily dilemma for those with disabilities

The recent Greater Dayton Transit Authority (GDRTA) strike halted many activities for Miami Valley residents who access public transportation, including myself. I ride Project Mobility, a para-transit service for people with disabilities, and I’m in good company; according to RTA, the service makes 700 trips a day. I count on Project Mobility primarily to transport... Read more »
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Tin Man from Wizard of Oz, drawn with a heart

Tin Man Syndrome

Winter is flu and cold season, but did you know it’s also Tin Man Syndrome season? Each winter I catch this particular case around late November. I must admit it’s a made-up syndrome created by yours truly, but it’s real to me and some of my closest friends are bothered by it, too. If you’ve... Read more »
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You still deserve to be treated with respect as a person first overlaid on picture of people's hands in group conversation

About the person, not the ability

What if you had an extremely large nose and every time someone saw or referred to you, he or she did not show you the dignity of referring to you as a person first? Instead, it was all about your nose. Sounds rude, doesn’t it? Yet this happens often when people don’t know or use... Read more »
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